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 Technique on Psi Ball.

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PostSubject: Technique on Psi Ball.   Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:30 pm


Hello guys, im anty's friend from the old forum and im here to teach you some of the things i learned.

1. How to make a psiball.

to make a psiball you have to meditate at the beggining, when you accually get used to making them ull make them as easily as voving ur arm.

how to meditate

to meditate you have to lay down or sit down in a comfortable position and start to regulate your breat. Breath in for 10 seconds, hold it in for 8 seconds and expell it for about 7 seconds. (when you get more experience it increase the number of seconds you do this.)

do this 10 times.

when you start to feel tired from doing this (u will eventually get tired) start to breathe normally. picture your self in ur actual position in a dark place, surrounded by darkness.

when you accually start to feel as if you were dreaming, start to add stars to that place, add anything that will relax you.

when you start to get confortable, imagin yourself grounding (getting energy from your surroundings, watching it going into you throught your head) dont stop, untill u start to feel more relaxed and you start to feel the energy in your body.

when you have successfully meditated, it will feel as if you hade done it for about 5 minutes, although maybe half an hour or maybe hours may have passed (really get into it!!!!!!!).

2. doing the psi ball.

when you have meditated enough and you feel relaxed, try and put your hands together.

What i personally do is imagine blue bright energy flowing on my hands (which are still touching themselves as if praying, hint: try to imagine ur hands surrounded by a kame kame ha!!!!!)

when you feel like you can accually control that energy in your hands, try to hold it up, go ahead and separate your hands as if you were grabbing a basketball.

imagine the energy falling down from your hands and you trying to hold it up together.

( lol! im tired of typing now XD)

when you accually manage to hold up the ball and have succsessfully made the psi ball, you should have a solid ball which you will accually feel as if it was accually there.

3. okay good to know you made a psi ball.... but how can we use it???

well psi balls have many uses.

the way i personally see the psiball is just like a practice method to not let mi psi ability to faint away. i always do it on the mornings just to get used to feeling the energy (wich you will actually later use).

Other situation i used the psi ball was with anty, we tried sending psiballs through far away distances, now that i leave in colombia south america, and he leaves in England, Europe.

(maybe youv noticed my bad english by now)

there many uses for the psiball, just keep practising it to increase your ability.


Smile Surprised Shocked pale

plz feel free to comment or pm me.

Last edited by juandude32 on Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:58 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : So that we can all help each other.)
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PostSubject: Re: Technique on Psi Ball.   Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:09 am

good but moved to psi
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Technique on Psi Ball.
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