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 FOXHOUND's Guide for Beginning for Aerokinesis

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PostSubject: FOXHOUND's Guide for Beginning for Aerokinesis   Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:53 pm

This is my guide for Aerokinesis. Unlike a guide that was just copied from someone else, this guide is made from personal experience.

Aerokinesis is the ability to control the air/wind. Aerokinesis, like Pyrokinesis, work best in the day. I am more efficient with Aerokinesis during the day, although I do not know of the reasons.

Some things you must think about while practicing Aerokinesis are circles. The wind moves around in circles. Think about tornadoes, or hurricanes. They all move in circles, too. Just keep that in mind.

These are some beginner techniques I use.

Increase Wind Speed:

First, get a feel for what the wind is like. This technique works the best if their is just a little bit of wind. Now, imagine this wind growing stronger. Imagine it blowing across you face. Visualize whatever you want. Try and think these thoughts as much as you can, and the wind should pick up. You should feel a small tug in your chest. Try to increase the power there, until the wind gets faster.

Create Wind:

This technique is if their is virtually no wind at all. This technique is a little harder than the technique above, but is more efficient. This technique can also be used to increase the wind speed.

Imagine energy coming out of you fingers as 'strings' of energy. Have these strings get longer. Then, imagine the strings fussing with the energy of the air. Then, move, not jerk, your hand. You should be able to move the wind around, or at least create a small wind.

Another Technique:

This technique can be used to achieve the same results as the two above. After getting a feel for the wind, look at a nearby tree/flag (or whatever moves in the wind). Now imagine the tree/flag slowly moving around, as if the wind was blowing. You must think these thoughts as much as you can. Focus yourself. Wait until it actually does start moving around in the wind. Then increase the strength of the wind. Keep doing this, until you have the wind blowing at the desired speed.

Change the direction of the Wind:

This is a simple technique. You just have to imagine the wind hitting you from whatever direction you want it to. I usually look to the direction I want the wind to come from. I feel the winds rushing towards me, from far away.

Stop the Wind:

Get a feel for the wind. Then, fuse your energy with the energy of the wind, by stretching out cords of energy from your fingers. Have these cords become one with the energy of the wind.

Once you have fussed your energy, try and move your hands around in the opposite direction of the wind. You need to imagine the wind coming to a stop. Do not try to stop immediately stopping, because you will probably get a headache. Wait until you are stronger.

Air Purification:

This is a technique that will allow you to purify a small bit of air, allowing you to breath it without breathing in smoke, etc. Once you are ready, cup you hand, and make an arc with your hand. Have your hand pass through the air in front of you. Try to pull all of the clean, breathable air into this bubble. Pull this bubble to you mouth. Inhale. Done.

This is a small passage about Airbending. I know, it's like that cartoon. A lot of people call Aerokinesis, Airbending, instead. This passage will help you once you start to learn offensive and defensive Aerokinesis techniques.

Airbending is based on the Ba Gua style (look it up on) of martial arts with a small hint of Hsing Yi, also known as "mind heart boxing." These martial arts feature swift, evasive maneuvers that evoke the intangibility and explosive power of wind, drawing energy from the center of the abdomen.

Ba Gua, which utilizes circle walking, is known for its constant circular movement, which makes it difficult for opponents to attack directly or land a blow. Maneuvers employ the entire body with smooth coiling and uncoiling movements, utilizing dynamic footwork, open-hand techniques, punches and throws. A common tactic is to maneuver behind an opponent and mirror their movements, preventing them from turning to face the practitioner.

Aerokinesis is my best type of kinesis. If you need help, please PM me. I'd be happy to help.
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PostSubject: Re: FOXHOUND's Guide for Beginning for Aerokinesis   Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:26 pm

Hey, I really liked your information on aerokinesis. I wanted to ask you if you could help me further into it.
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FOXHOUND's Guide for Beginning for Aerokinesis
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