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 The psiball

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PostSubject: The psiball   Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:18 pm

PSI BALL > Overview

At this current time I dont exactly HOW LONG the Psi Ball has been a common form of Telekinetic practice, but it has proven to be, in this day and age, just as - if not more - effective then the classic Psi Wheel. The formation of a Psi Ball is actually a type of Telekinesis. Learning Telekinesis (TK) through forming Psi Balls is possibly one of the most all-round effective techniques you can learn as it helps build your:

Visualisation... Belief... Telekinetic Strength... Psi Cracking skills... Psi Manipulation skills... Programming skills... Telekinetic/Psi Influencing skills... Speed and Stamina... Bodily Energy flow... General knowledge of your limits and how to improve them... Plus much, much more.

A Psi Ball in general is a compound of Energy, that has been shaped into a ball through Telekinesis and grouped/programmed to such a level that it is able to be handled by the Physical Body itself. As your practice and your ability to manipulate the Energy around you increases, so do your limits. The more you learn, ever bit of knowledge you aquire... Its help building your foundations. I'm starting to get onto a whole different topic, but my main point is that practice DOES truly help to make your idea of 'perfect'. Perfection is assisted in perception and knowledge, so you know when you are ready to take that next step, even if it is a baby step.


1. What is a Psi Ball?

A Psi Ball is simply a compound of Energy (if you hadn't noticed I kinda explained this in the last paragraph ). With the most basic of Telekinetic Ability you hold, you can move the Energy around you, or within you, to form a controlled compound to do as you wish. A Psi Ball in GENERAL, is simply something you build through Telekinesis, program with thought and then send it off to do your wishes (in a sense of speaking). The abilities of Psi Ball are endless, so simply - don't doubt yourself and you will succeed!

2. Why can't I see my Psi Ball?

The Energy a Psi Ball is made up of, is pure Energy. The Energy itself is at such a wave-length our eyes can't pick it up like we perceive other objects around us. There have been several instances where someone will have a burst of Aura Vision and actually see a Psi Ball out of nowhere (when its formed) *click* just like that. Aura Vision is also another way you can see your Psi Balls (like stated above). Learning this ability is simple, yet hard to successfully achieve 24/7. Its limits are unknown, as it may even fall into Remote Viewing, but simply perceiving a Psi Ball is possible with enough practice. (Aura Vision is a totally seperate topic, so I won't go into it now). What you do when you use Aura Vision (AV) is give your eyes the ability to relax, and perceive waves of Energy that are strong enough to pick up. The term 'Aura' comes from the actual Bio-magnetic field that you, and every object around you emits. Only your body (either your Chakras or Etheric Body) has a different and more complex Aura then everyday objects. It is also possible to see these bodily Auras with Aura Vision. Making your Psi Ball compact enough to become 'Physically Solid' is yet another way to see it and is recommeded/brought up by many other Psions. Simply charge your Psi Ball with an EXTREME amount of Psi Energy and you will percieve it. Apparently. That is extremely hard to accomplish for some people, seen as your trying to materialise Etheric Energy to transverse (cross over/move into) into the Physical Realm and remain strong enough for a long time so you can percieve it. Simple but complex, yea?

3. I'm practicing day in and day out and I'm starting to feel sensations more regularly when I make a Psi Ball, whats happening?

What your experiencing is your Physical Body beginning to pick up the vibrations of the Energy your moving around. You might not be able to see Psi Energy as easily, but you have other Physical Senses you know! Your Physical Body (or Etheric Body) is simply starting to pick up the vibrational waves of the Energy itself. With practice these 'Psychic Senses' (not Physical) will improve and you will eventually be able to make a Psi Ball simply through the sense of touch.

4. Does a Psi Ball programmed to use Energy around it take in my own bodily Energy?

A Psi Ball will only do what you want it to. If your intentions are to program it to fuel itself by the Energy around it, then it will do so. But I'm unsure if programming it to drag in Energy from around it, and THEN use it as a mind shield would be a good thing to do. There is still a difference between programming a Psi Ball to drag in Energy from around itself and programming it to stay stable with the Energy already INSIDE it. Energy is everywhere, so I wouldn't worry about it just dissapearing easily, unless you wanted it to go back to a non-compounded Energy form. Everything you do in your Psychic Practice should be done ONE at a TIME. Don't rush this sort of practice, and take one thing at a time. I can assure you you'll benefit from these slower process later on! It all takes practice

5. HELP! I can't make a Psi Ball!

Ok then. Catchya later.
I'm kidding! Sometimes people may experience something, depending on what their doing and what activities their performing (Physical and Psychic), that may cause them to lose Energy or feel 'powerless'. Feeling 'powerless' may be caused by something else, or it is simply your mind and body telling you, that you need a rest. This 'warning' may be assisted by (you may be experiencing this) headaches... Weak and slow bodily movements... Lack of awareness... Loss of enthusiasm... Practically anything negative or harmful to you Physical Body as it can be dangerous to have a low Energy level. When you lose Energy, your body has to restock that Energy you once had. There are many ways to restock your Energy. Some include:

Sleeping, as it opens your Chakras and your Chakras collect Etheric Energy (Energy from the Etheric Realm)...
Visualisation. Simply visualise balls of Energy coming down from the sun (or moon but I dont know what effect that may have) and feeding your body Energy. The same thing can be done with the Earth... Visualise roots coming from the ground and filling you up with Energy. (Grounding is that method in reverse. To ground yourself out you supposedly visualise roots coming from the ground and SUCKING all the excess Energy from you so there isn't any extra floating around or in you.) If I have made any mis-understandings in this paragraph can somebody please correct me because I'm unsure about Grounding fully and also if having Energy coming from the ground UP to you is good - it should be - but I'm not sure. Any tips would be appreciated!

Sleeping is however, one of the most successful Energy restocking methods.
I hope you can now make Psi Balls with enough effort! If you can't, or that explanation was a little TOO blunt, please let me know through personal message or ask someone on the forum for some help

PSI BALLS > Tutorial

Ok now we're down to the real dirty stuff. MAKING a Psi Ball! (This is the part where you jump around with a massive smile on your face)
Here we go:

> Before you start directing your Energy, hold your hands out in front of you, so they're relaxed and won't get sore after a while. Hold them about chest hieght, but so you can still see what your doing - its up to you where you hold your hands. Hold them appart from each other, only cupped. Kind of like this:
Right hand > ( ) < Left hand
There will be a little bit of focusing done mainly on the palm area of your hands, so its good practice to keep them visualially avaliable when your just starting out until you get the hang of what your doing

> First of all, simply get relaxed and comfortable, so you won't be disturbed. If an itch or scratch may appear at the most inconvenient time, simply FORGET about them. If your not thinking about an 'itch' then it won't 'itch' because your not thinking about it! Trust me it works. For relaxing, simply take some breaths in and some breaths out, slower and slower every few breaths, so that your heart rate and Energy moves easier, and your not as worried, but still alert. The good thing about Psi Manipulation (in this case) is that the sensations you get won't disrupt your WHOLE process as much if you let them, like many other Psychic Abilities.

> When your relaxed, take one slow breath out and one strong one in. On the in breath, signal your Energy to blaze within your chest. The reason why I recommend the chest area, is because it is the second main collection of nerves within the Physical Body, and nerves are what create Bodily Energy (supposedly). Where as Chakras collect ETHERIC Energy, for those wondering what the difference is. When your Energy is moving around in your chest at its own speed, move it down your arms slowly (in the Energy's own time as forcing your Energy in your body around at extremely fast paces can damage your Chakras - from what I know).

> When your Energy is moving down to your hands, feel its warmth, blazing strength and un-restricted personality moving through you, making you more un-restricted as you learn. When your Energy is eventually at your hands, extend the Energy to your palms, up to your finger tips and back down to the centre of your palm, make sure you fill up your whole hand with Energy. A good way to test this is to try and move your fingers. If they feel even SLIGHTLY like they don't want to move then there is a high chance you have moved Energy into them successfully. If you don't get any sensations at this time, continue the process and keep practicing. You will get there eventually.

> Once your hands are full of Energy, open two Energy portals within your hands, but only small for now. Visualise them getting stronger so that the Energy can flow freely through. As you become more advanced in Psi Manipulation and Energy Portals it is a good idea to exercise programming these Portals to act as ONE WAY Portals. Who knows what sort of Energy you might let into your body if you manage to make a strong enough Portal. For those beginning, simply instruct the Portals to be 'one way' portals, and they will become one.

> When the portals are open, direct the Energy in your hands through the portals (both hands) and then to join in the centre, where they both meet. When the Energy trails become one trail, begin to visualise a CORE being made where the Energy once joined together. Keep trailing Energy into this CORE, with the Energy moving away from each palm, into the CORE. While this 'core' is growing, move your hands in and out slightly, closer and furthur apart. Moving your hands in and out will message the Psi Core and begin to fuel the Core to create your visualised goal. In this case your goal is (obviously) to make a Ball from the CORE.

- At this stage you may begin to feel tingles and/or a resistance/pull when you move your hands in and out. This is the Psi Balls/Core's magnetic pull. The magnetic pull your feeling is created through all the grouped Energy in one place - as far as I know.

> When your ready, visualise the CORE start to pulsate and glow stronger. From here, with your hands still moving in and out, start to see a shield move around your Psi Ball's Core. This will act as a shield and drag Energy into the Core naturally if its programmed effeciently - meaning that you do not have to keep the Portals in your hands open and you can cut off the Energy trails moving into the CORE. Visualise the Core shield grow to your prefered size (a smallish size is probably good while your starting out, the size of a golf ball or something like that) and see it pulling Energy into the outer Energy wall, and then move through it, toward the CORE. This will fuel your Psi Ball to stay energised.

> When your ready, and you feel your Psi Ball is strong enough, close off the Energy Portals in your palms and move the Energy Trails into the Psi Ball itself. You should now have no more Energy moving out of your hands, the Psi Ball will be pulling Energy in from around it naturally. From here, you can now move one hand down and hold it in your prefered hand.

> To throw it, simply flick your hand backward/foward... Initiate a fighter stance and move the Psi Ball away from you when your ready... Its all up to you. How you throw your Psi Ball or move it around is up to you, but however you do it, expect practice to be essential.

You have now made a Psi Ball! TK Blasts and many other Energy Balls are more complex then this, but they boast many different strengths. Either way they are still a Psi Ball (generally). Remember that your Psi Ball can look HOWEVER you want it, and with enough practice you should eventually be able to see it in your Physical Body and in the Physical Realm.
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The psiball
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