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 Starting Pyro

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PostSubject: Starting Pyro   Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:34 pm

What is Pyrokinesis?
Pyrokinesis is the ability to control and manipulate fire (and maybe start one too)

How do you do Pyrokinesis?
Here are some methods I got from http://vegakinetics.bravehost.com

-Dancing Flame-
Take a match, light it. Then envision a tunnel between your mind and the flame or a beam and you're blocking everything but the match out of your view so you can't see it correctly, focus only on the flame,and will your mind to put it out, see the flame going out in your mind. This is the easy part, the hard part is getting the flame to relight. Once you've got the match to go out you should focus on the ember relighting. After a few weeks of hard work the ember will glow red as if it wanted to relight! Once you have practiced enough the match will relight. This technique does work. Once you have mastered the Dancing Flame technique you should move on to bigger flames, I suggest moving on to candles first.

-Dancing Flame 2-
Just concentrate on moving it in a certain direction, make it move in one direction, then the other, make it spin, make it move off of the candle and spin it in a wheel of fire, make it spin the other direction, make it bigger, then smaller, then mentally put it out. Then try to relight it. It may not relight at first, but after a few weeks, it should start to work. Theoretically, you could also superheat the fire, make it spin in a flaming ring, or change its color if you are advanced.

A good way to get the flame to relight or light something is to visualize all the molecules slowly starting to speed up and glow red hot until something lights.

-Raising Temperatures-
Close your eyes and imagine that all the air around you is wavy from all the heat, imagine you are hot and sweating, and everything around you is just extremely hot. After trying this a few times the temperature will raise a bit if there is nothing like air conditioning or a fan on.

-Inferno Disc-
Start off with a Destructo Disc, but when you first make the Ki ball, introduce Flame energy to it. Visualize the Ki ball burning as is spins and spreads out. You now have a Inferno Disc.

-Hii Tate-
"Fire Shield" This is a technique I devised myself, which is similar to the technique in the Cyrokinesis section...Of course, with fire instead of ice. Before doing this technique, you will need to perform the Fire Fuse technique.

Get into a wide stance to start. Now picture your Dan Tien, fused with that Fire energy, swirling red, or whatever color you wish to use. Now, command that fire energy to flow throughout all your chakras and your whole body. Picture it flowing through you, starting to radiate out of you. Now, explode the fire energy out of you, similar to a ki flame, only this time, instead of turning it into a flame around your body, picture it forming a huge ball of fire around you, forming into a shield. Keep adding energy to it until you think it is strong enough. This technique works best if you are facing off against an opponent who uses Cyrokinesis.(This would suck for me if you were fighting me, I'm a Cryo)

-Fire Fuse-

This is a technique which will combine your ki with the energy of the element of fire.

To start out, get into a position that you normally use for Ki breathing or grounding. Picture the element of fire all around you, with it's energy floating all around, like when you are Ki breathing. Now perform a Ki breathing technique, only take in the fire energy instead of ki. Picture it fusing with your ki inside your Dan Tien and all throughout your body, turning your energy a swirling red-ish color, or whatever color you wish to use. Now you can perform the Hii Tate if you wish...

Remember: these methods are made by a single person, you can alter these methods for the best results for YOU.
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PostSubject: Re: Starting Pyro   Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:00 am

nice techs, I'd try using the second dancing flame technique some other time.

btw, has anyone had any sucess in changing the flame color yet?
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Posts : 160
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Location : United Kingdom, England, Kent, Dover

PostSubject: Re: Starting Pyro   Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:04 am

appaently on the old forum somone had made the flame blck whenever they tried pyrok
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PostSubject: Re: Starting Pyro   

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Starting Pyro
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